The Company

We are an innovative company that markets various specialized medical cold storage systems.

Our Brands

Sero'Box Logo brand - AccsA'tech company
Intelligent serum bank for biological samples preservation
Lacta'Box Logo brand - AccsA'tech company
Intelligent freezer for nursing bottles preservation
Medica'Box Logo brand - AccsA'tech company
Intelligent refrigerator for vaccines and drugs preservation
Reacti'Box Logo brand - AccsA'tech company
Intelligent freezer and refrigerator for reagents preservation


We are working alongside health professionals for over 20 years.
We design and market a wide range of secure intelligent refrigerators and freezers.
Audit and consulting in the development of your project regarding your activity (laboratory, milk bank, pharmacy, industry).
We market a wide range of positive and negative refrigerated laboratories cabinets, drugs cabinets, blood banks cabinets, ultra low temperature freezers. We have chosen to work with various partners, Arctiko, Libeherr, EVERmed et Gram which are recognized in the medical field for many years. This choice allows us to meet a wide range of innovative products, efficient and professional.
We are located in the heart of the Alps near Annecy.
AccsA’tech was laureate of the Haute-Savoie Entrepreneurship Network for major projects in the medical field especially on the implementation of a new intelligent serum bank Sero’Box. We are constantly developing new systems to optimize traceability in all areas.

Our Values


Punctuality & Reliability



Our Network

Our presence is based throughout France, but our development axis continues to grow internationally, to meet a growing demand.
AccsA’tech is constantly recruiting sales force to be closer to its clients.
We are present in many public and private hospitals in France and abroad.
Our head office is located in the Rhône-Alpes region near Annecy.
We have opened a logistics platform in Burgundy, near Dijon.
Our network enables us to act quickly on the whole territory.
Our teams are at your disposal for all requests.
A network of distributors, is being developed throughout Europe and the countries of North Africa.

AccsA'tech France - Parc Altaïs Annecy 178, route de Cran Gevrier 74650 CHAVANOD

AccsA'tech Switzerland - Route de Saint Julien,184A 1228 Plan-les-Ouates GENÈVE

AccsA'tech Dijon

AccsA’tech Switzerland

As part of its development, AccsA’tech has opened an office in Switzerland, in Geneva, to be closer to its customers and to meet a constant demand in consulting and custom serum bank design, plasma bank, biobank, sample bank.
We will be happy to assist you in developing your future projects.
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Tel. +41(0)22.556.30.51
Fax. +41(0)22.556.xx.xx

Route de Saint Julien,184A
1228 Plan-les-Ouates